Manuale ESPN

A. Introductory Remarks
1. Foreword (P.Cochat)
2. The paediatric nephrology practice in Europe: past, present and future (JHH Ehrich)
3. Organisation of pediatric nephrology in Eastern European countries (E Leumann)
4. Screeening for conditions afflicting the kidneys and urinary tract in children (M Lilien, R Hamed, H Seyberth, B Boudaillez)

B. Developmental Nephrology
1. Kidney ontogenesis (A Oner, R Salomon)
2. Postnatal adaptation of the kidney (JP Guignard, E Mattheova)
3. Effects of drugs on the foetal and neonatal kidney (D Magen, LB Zimmerhackl)

C. Pathophysiology
1. Glomerular filtration (L Dubourg, A Boueva)
2. Sodium (V Tasic)
3. Water homeostasis ans its disturbances (L Kovàcs, L Monnens)
4. Potassium (J Rodriguez-Soriano)
5. Magnesium (M Bianchetti, I Zelikovic)
6. Calcium and phosphate homeostasis (O Mehls, G Reusz)
7. Uric acid (U Saatci, M Vazquez-Martul)

D. Syndromes
1. Haematuria (P Kaltenis, T Linné)
2. Proteinuria (JHH Ehrich, M Miltenyi)
3. Polyyria (L Kovacevic, R Stone)

E. Investigations
1. Urine microscopy (K Soulami, V Baudoin)
2. Kidney biopsy (R Waldherr, A Zurowska)
3. Renal function tests (U Berg, M Sienawska)
4. Imaging paediatric uronephropathies (F Avni, M Hall)
5. Radionuclide studies (A Piepz, F Guermazi)
6. Urodynamics (P Hoebeke, A Gur Guven)
7. Growth (D Haffner, M Oumlil)
8. Genetic counselling (M Kemper, C Mourani)

F. Urology
1. Prenatal diagnosis (M Roszkowska-Blaim)
2. Upper and lower urinary tract obstructions: medical approach (B Fracka)
3. Upper and lower urinary tract obstructions: surgical approach (D Wilcox)
4. Vesico-ureteric reflux and renal scarring (M Hall, S Turi)
5. Urinary tract infection (V Baciulis, K Verrier-Jones)
6. Neurogenic bladder (A Bensman, L Szabo)
7. Enuresis (V Lehotska, P Cochat)
8. Urolithiasis (M Sasinka)
9. Renal tumours (G Mikhael, M Schell)

G. Developmental renal abnormalities
1. Cystic dysplasia (A Mitsioni, A Jankauskiene)
2. Renal hypoplasia (A Czupryniak, R Salomon)

H. Cystic kidney diseases
1. Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (MF Gagnadoux, P Toth-Heyn)
2. Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (M Panczyk-Tomaszewska, B Hoppe)
3. Other cystic renal diseases (A Bourquia, W Rascher)

I. Hereditary renal disease
1. Nephronophthisis and related diseases (F Hildebrandt, F Rusnac)
2. Alport syndrome and other familial haematureias (MC Gubler, F Tcalicova)
3. Primary hyperoxalurias (A Kamoun, P Cochat)
4. Cystinosis (M Broyer, S Paunova)
5. Renal tubular acidosis (R Topaloglu, F Coelho Rosa)
6. Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (D Morin, M Ignatova)
7. Bartter and Gitelman syndromes (A Bettinelli, A Tsygin)
8. Renal involvement in malformative syndromes (W Proesmans, M Saraga)
9. Renal involvement in mitochondrial cytopathies (H Mocan, AM Das)

J. The nephrotic syndrome
1. Pathophysiology (T Tulassay)
2. Complications of the nephrotic syndrome (A Edefonti, M Lilova)
3. Management of steroid responsive idiopathic nephrotic syndrome (P Niaudet, R Kenda)
4. Idiopathic steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome (J Fydryk, U Querfeld)

K. Glomerular diseases
1. Immunopathology of glomerular diseases (JC Davin, S Ozen)
2. Postinfectious glomerulonephritis (R Mikhael, R Postlethwaite)
3. IgA nephropathies (R Coppo, J Nagy)
4. Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (A Bakkaloglu, F Emma)
5. Membranous nephropathy (R Bogdanovic, SA Hulton)
6. Systemic lupus erythematosus glomerulonephritis (A Martini, M Popovic-Rolovic)
7. Systemic vasculitis (MJ Dillon, A Sirin)
8. Familial Mediterranean fever (K Tinaztepe, G Deschenes)

L. Arterial hypertension
1. Normall blood pressure and epidemiology of hypertension (A Gregoric, JL André, M Soergel)
2. Investigating the hypertensive child (A Kolsky, M Soergel)
3. Management of arterial hypertension (T Seeman)

M. Acute renal failure
1. Pathophysiology of acute renal failure (E Girardin, Z Bircan)
2. Presentation (J Laine)
3. Management of acute renal failure (N Buyan, K Latta)
4. Management of fluid overload (K Verrier-Jones, P Cochat)
5. Acute renal failure in the neonate (J Slavicek, A van der Heijden)
6. Haemolytic uraemic syndrome (C Loirat, E Marczak)
7. Tubolointerstitial nephritis (S Emre)

N. Drugs and the Kidney
1. Use of drugs in patients with chronic renal failure and end-stage renal disease (E Bérnard, J Gut)
2. Diuretics (M Kolska, T Schurmans)
3. Anesthesia and analgesia for the uremic child (JC Bouchut, I Alaoui)
4. Nephrotoxicity of drugs (J Dusek, M Brandis)

O. Chronic and end-stage renal insufficiency
1. Epidemiology of chronic renal failure (G Ardissino)
2. The syndrome associated with nephron loss (M Litwin, AP Provoost)
3. Nutritional management (N Asman-Yaghi)
4. Growth and puberty (L Rees, G Kovacs)
5. Practical guidelines of conservative treatment (F Santos, M Visy)
6. Vaccination of children with kidney diseases (B Enke, JHH Ehrich)
7. Psychosocial aspects (G Wolff, J Pekarkova)
8. Ethics and chronic renal failure (A Watson, C Akatcherian)

P. Dialysis
1. Practical organization of a paediatric nephrology centre (IG Rzchiladse, CJ Stefanidis)
2. Peritoneal dialysis (P Sallay, P Perfumo)
3. Haemodialysis (M Fischbach)
4. Continuous haemofiltration (MA Macher, M Hladik)

Q. Transplantation
1. Immunology of transplantation (A Amore, N Besbas)
2. Pretransplant evaluation of the recipient (F Janssen, R Ghabril)
3. Surgical aspects (ON Fernando, J Spatenka)
4. Intensive care after kidney transplantation (RS Trompeter, J Feber)
5. Immunosuppressive treatment (L Podracka, PF Hoyer)
6. Complications after renal transplantation (G Filler, S Prokurat)
7. Transplantation results (NJA Webb, CA Sinaniotis)

R. Appendix
1. Normal values (L Collard)
2. Drug dosage in children with renal failure (M Daschner, D Drozdz)
3. Further general references